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Silvervine is a quest system that utilizes 6909.png Silvervine Cat Fruit for players to gain access to some cash shop items and unique quest items through in-game play.

How to obtain Cat Fruit?

You can obtain the 6909.png Silvervine Cat Fruit thru the following:

Party Enabled:

- All party members will receive the item if members is in the MVP location/map.

Monster Quest

Below are the summary of monster that you can hunt.

Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
1096.gif Angeling 20 55,000 Medium / Angel / Holy 4
1091.gif Dragon Fly 8 2,400 Small / Insect / Wind 1
1093.gif Eclipse 6 1,800 Medium / Brute / Neutral 3
1120.gif Ghostring 18 73,300 Medium / Demon / Ghost 4
1090.gif Mastering 2 2,415 Medium / Plant / Water 1
1089.gif Toad 10 5,065 Medium / Fish / Water 1
1092.gif Vagabond Wolf 24 12,240 Medium / Brute / Earth 1
1088.gif Vocal 18 3,016 Medium / Insect / Earth 1

Turn-over Quest

After successfully hunting the monster, you must return to Silvervine Quester NPC to turnover the quest.

-You will receive 5 6909.png Silvervine Cat Fruit for every monster quest you completed.

Note: You can repeat the quest multiple times since there's no cooldown on it.

Silvervine Exchanger

Below are the items that you can redeem using 6909.png Silvervine Cat Fruit via Exchanger NPC.

Item Name Amount
30089.png VIP Ticket (3D) 250
13697.png Blessing Scroll Box (10) 25
13698.png Increase AGI Scroll Box (10) 25
12903.png Steamed Tongue Box 300
12904.png Steamed Scorpion Box 300
12905.png Dragon Breath Cocktail Box 300
12906.png Hwergelmir's Tonic Box 300
12907.png Nine Tail Dish Box 300
12908.png Stew of Immortality Box 300
Item Name Amount
6635.png Blacksmith's Blessing 100
Cash Shop Item
Item Name Amount
25793.png Inventory Expansion Voucher 50
12901.png Life Insurance Box 100
13710.png Gym Pass Box 1000