Reward Points

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We offer various rewards to player for them to enjoy and get items while playing.

What are the Rewards?

Hourly Points

Hourly points, is an automated timer script attached to player upon log-in of character. It rewards player 1 point for every hour stay in-game.


Simply by playing the game for an hour without being idle for 15 minutes.


- Being idle means, not moving for 15 minutes which includes vending and opening a chatroom.
- Character change/select will refresh your timer.

Event Points

Event Points are points that can be obtained thru converting 7227.png Ragnarok Trading Card into points via the Points Shop NPC with a conversion rate of 1 Ragnarok Trading Card = 5 Event Points.


Simply join any automated events and win it.

Points Shop

Points Shop NPC is located at the center of Prontera.

You can buy the following items below which can surely help you on your adventure.

Item Name Amount
30088.png Advanced Adventurer Supply Box 2
14532.png Battle Manual 25% 2
12263.png Battle Manual 50% 3
14606.png Job Manual 25% 2
14592.png Job Manual 50% 3
12210.png Bubble Gum 5
13697.png Blessing Scroll Box (10) 2
13698.png Increase AGI Scroll Box (10) 2