Getting Started

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Plunging headfirst into Ragnarok Online is fun, but newer players will benefit from having some knowledge of what will occur during the game. Remember, though, that Ragnarok, like all MMORPGs, is dynamic and things constantly change.

Getting Started

Download and Install

- Note: Only download from the link provided on the page to ensure all files are legit and checked.

Register Master Account

- Note: You need to verify your e-mail address for you to successfully create an account with us.

Create Game Account(s)

- Note: You can create multiple game account in one master account. No need to create multiple master account.

Update Your Game

  • Always patch your game client using patcher to ensure that you are always using latest game files and avoid errors in-game.
- Note: Make sure to run as admin to give write access to patcher and update GRF.

Play The Game

  • To play the game, run the "ragexe" or click "Play" in the patcher to open game-client.

Basic How-To-Play Game

Login Game Account

  • Login using your created game account credentials in the login screen as show below.
- Note: Entering incorrect credentials can lead to a temporary block to your IP.

Create Character

  • Create character by clicking "Add" button if you don't have one yet.
  • Set your in-game name using the text field and choose the gender of the character. Also, you can choose hair style and color in the options. Choose wisely!
- Note: Changing name, hair style and color is not a free option in-game.

Start Game

  • Click Start Game or press Enter to connect to the game.

Understanding User Interface

  • Below is the game user interface in a normal player's perspective.
  • Menu Icon - is a dropdown menu that can be accessed using shortcut ( Alt + ` ) where it homes the following:
Icon Menu Description
Status.png Status Window Can be accessed using shortcut ( Alt + A ) where it will show you your character status traits such as STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, LUK and many more.
Equipw.png Equipment Window Can be assessed using shortcut ( Alt + Q ) where it will your equipped item for the character.
  • Costume tab is dedicated for cosmetic items that can overwrite the view of your character when equipping normal equipments.
  • Show Equip check box is an option to let other players view your equipped items with your judgement.
  • Equipment Switch is a feature wherein you can set for easy equip switching. For more info refer to the guide Equipment Switch.
Inventory.png Inventory Window Can be accessed using shortcut ( Alt + E ) where it will show the items that you currently posses.
  • Con Tab is dedicated for items that are usable such as Apple, Red Potion, Fly Wing.
  • Eqp Tab is dedicated for equip able items such as Armors, Weapons, Garments, Shoes, Shields, Accessory and Hats.
  • Etc Tab is dedicated for miscellaneous items such as quest items, junk and value items.
  • Fav Tab is dedicated for your favorite items that you don't want to lose which prevents you from dropping, or selling it to NPC.
  • 4/100 is the current capacity of your inventory which can be increased using inventory expansion voucher.
  • Lock Icon is a feature where you can toggle to avoid dropping carelessly resulting to loss of items.
Skill.png Skill Window Can be accessed using shortcut ( Alt + S ) where it will show your character's skill tree view.
  • View Skill Info check box is an option where you can see the skill's description when hovering to the client.
  • Minus Icon is an option to minimize the skill view and use the old interface.
  • Apply/Reset is a button which is usable when you have available skill points.
Party.png Party Window Can be accessed using shortcut ( Alt + Z ) where it will show your current party if you have one.
  • Magnifier Icon is a button where you can setup your party such as How-to-share EXP, items and Item sharing type.
  • Trash Icon is a button where you can expel a member of your party.
  • Lock Icon is a button where you can lock the party window to avoid misclick when pressing right click.
  • User+ Icon is a button where you can invite a player to your party using a separate window.
  • User-Wave Icon is a button where you can use to leave the current party. (Only applies if you're not the party leader)
  • Friend Radio Button is a click box wherein it will change the view of the window to your friend list.
Guild.png Guild Window Can be accessed using shortcut ( Alt + G ) where it will show your current guild if you have one or guild creation window if none.

Guild Creation Window

  • Help is a button that will open a new window which shows guild system tips.
  • Create Guild is a button that will open a new window where you need to input your desired guild name to create a guild.
- Note: Emperium is needed to create a guild.

Guild View Window

  • Guild Info Tab shows basic information of guild which includes Name, Level, Master, Member Count, Territory, Alliance, Antagonist, EXP and Emblem.
  • Member Tab shows member information including its Position, Class, Base Level, Devotion and Tax Point.
  • Position Tab shows the rank of position shown in members tab which includes its role such as allowed to invite, punish, use storage and tax percentage.
  • Guild Skill Tab shows the current skill of the guild that is available.
  • Expel History Tab shows the history of all expelled members by the leader or members.
  • Guild Notice Tab shows the message set by the leader of the guild to every member when connecting to the game.
Quest.png Quest Information Window Can be accessed using shortcut ( Alt + U) where it will show your quest logs.
  • In Progress Tab shows your current active quest.
  • News Tab shows the recommended quest or news for the server.
  • On Hold Tab shows your on-hold quest that you have configured.
  • Show Quest Radio Button is an option where you can enable that will show quest overlay even if the quest window is closed.
Worldmap.png World Map Window Can be accessed using shortcut ( Ctrl + ` ) where it will show the interactive world map of Rune Midgard.
  • Mob Tab Radio Button is a click box wherein it will show average monster level of a specific map.
  • Search Box is a text field where you can input string such as monster name and will highlight in the map where it is located.
Navigation.png Navigation Window Is a feature that allows player to search monster, maps, npc and many more without opening a browser.
  • Find is a button where a navigation path will be attached to player when clicked.
  • Move is a button where the feature Private Airship is being used where you can move from one map to another as long as it is enabled.
Option.png Option Window Is a menu where you can do the following:
  • Character Select change connected character in the game.
  • Game Settings modify various game settings that is based on your preference.
  • BM/Shortcut Settings configure shortcuts and battle mode for easy gameplay.
  • Exit to Windows where it closes the client and logs you out of the game normally.
  • Return to Game does nothing and closes the options menu.
Bank.png Bank Window Can be accessed using shortcut ( Ctrl + B ) where it will show your current balance of your account in the bank. Note: account and not character.
  • In bank means the total current balance of zeny on your bank account-wide.
  • On hand means the total zeny of your logged in character.
  • Deposit a button which will deposit the amount of zeny you enter in the text field.
  • Withdraw a button which will withdraw the amount of zeny you enter in the text field.
  • +10 MIL/+1 MIL/+100 TSN a pre-defined value that will be set on the text field once you click it.
Record.png Record Window A feature of newer client which records your game-play and save it as an RRF file that can be viewed as a replay using a special client.
  • Start Button a button that will set the replay file and start the recording process.
- Note: The replay file are being saved under Replay folder in your root directory.
  • Open Option a button where you can specify the parameters that will be included in the recording process.
  • End a button that closes the record window.
Rodex.png Mail Window Is a feature that was introduced in newer clients which helps communication between players that can also attach zeny and items.
  • Write Mail is a button where you can send a new mail to a player which is validated to ensure that the mail will reach to the receiving end.
- Note: The mail body is limited to 500 characters only and each mail send has a tax which varies dependent on the mail size.
Keyboard.png Keyboard Shortcut Window Is a feature that shows all key binds that is currently saved on your profile.
- Note: You can always change the key binds in Options -> BM/Shortcut Settings.
Attendance.png Attendance Check Window Is a feature that automatically pops-out after connecting to the game if you haven't completed the 20 day attendance check.
- Note: Attendance is an account bound check.
  • Chat Bar - is the official means of communication throughout the server.
  • Left Input Field - can be used by the following:
- Messaging a player private by typing his/her IGN. (e.g. Athena)
- Use the Public Channel to communicate other players of not the same map.
  • Right Input Field (Main) - where you can type any string/word and will be sent on the channel.
  • Select Receiving Group Popup Menu - where you can choose which channel to send if you left the Left Input Field empty.
  • F10/Change Size Button - where you can change the size of the chat bar as per your preference.
  • Shortcut Bar - it is where you can put your items, skill for easy tracking and usage.
- Note: You can expand the shortcut bar using F12 and bind the function per row via Options -> BM/Shortcut Settings.
  • Mini-Map - it is where you can see the following:
  • Your current position in the map and its coordinates.
  • NPC location (shown as mini-icon) if available.
  • Cash Shop - it is where you can buy some helpful goodies that can help you on your adventure through Rune Midgard.

For more information, kindly refer to Game Controls Guide.